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Lead removal

Many homes had lead paint used in their construction, homes that built before 1978. If you are living in such house, it is best for you and your family to call a certified lead inspector from our company to test lead levels in your home and provide you recommendations to remove them. Lead was used in paint for speed drying for many years, resisting moisture and maintaining a fresh appearance. Later it was discovered to be hazardous to human health, especially the health of children. The soil, the air, the water, and even inside our homes – that’s all the places where lead can be found in our environment. Our exposure comes from human activities including the use of lead-based paint in homes. Complete removal following EPA-approved methods is often recommended in homes with young children and also in every home that built before 1978. These methods include completely removing the lead paint through a combination of wire scraping or brushing and liquid paint removers or stabilizing paint with a watertight coating or sealant. Lead paint removal may require several days to complete and also can be costly. However, lead paint removal is a highly regulated activity. Because it all affects the health of your family or potential fines, however, calling a professional is well-worth the investment. Rather than taking a “do it yourself” leave the work to our company approach, since this will ensure the proper removal of lead and allow you to minimize any accidental exposure during the process or costly fines by the regulatory agencies or municipalities.

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