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Creosote removal service

Anytime you burn wood, byproducts are produced and carried off in the smoke. the smoke can settle on the walls of the chimney liner and smoke chamber, leaving behind creosote. Creosote is a tacky or shiny tar-like substance that sticks to the flue liner or stove pipe and smoke chamber. Creosote bakes onto the
wall of your chimney over time. Creosote buildup poses a serious fire hazard if it is not removed from the surfaces of your chimney. Creosote is flammable at very low temperatures. We all want our fireplaces to work as efficiently and as safely as possible. We will come to your home and perform a thorough cleaning that will ensure no creosote build-up is left behind. In our chimney sweeps, we protect your home and furniture from soot and residue with drop cloths, insert a high-powered vacuum to remove soot and debris, and while the vacuum is running, use a variety of brushes and tools to dislodge creosote accumulations from all parts of the chimney. Our team has the right experience, products, and tools for the job. To remove glazed creosote we use poultice creosote remover. It is a non-toxic product. As the product dries, it flakes off of the surface, taking the glazed creosote with it.

One of the major reasons creosote needs to be regularly removed is that it is incredibly corrosive to the flue. Also creosote should be removed is that as it builds up along the flue walls, it decreases air flow. And sure creosote is a highly flammable deposit. If your flue liner is caked with creosote, you could easily have a chimney fire. If you think you may have a creosote problem all what you need is to contact us and we will help you so you have no worried about!

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