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Asbestos is highly dangerous! Do not wait to call us, delay can lead to health hazards and diseases.

Asbestos removal

We understand that a healthy and clean space for your family is essential. And we care about this concern. We provide the most effective removal in the industry and also the cleanest one. With our experience in the asbestos and also construction field we know how to get the job done right. Our skills and knowledge will help us in this way. All our workers are certified and also applicable all rules to ensure that all work will be done correctly and in time. You will need to consult a certified consultant of our company for testing services but rest assured to create a safe environment we can expertly remove this hazard from your property. We will analyze the structure from top to bottom. We stay up-to-date on the most current environment-friendly equipment. We will find best options without using poisonous methods to get rid of asbestos, mold and mildew. Even though asbestos is damaging and gives a problem that can swiftly escalate out of control it is essential to tackle asbestos to minimize your danger of creating a hazardous living or working conditions. As long as it is not breaking down or otherwise falling apart, asbestos does not present a health risk. Houses created around the 1980s are the chief source of asbestos exposure. It would definitely be sensible for homeowners to choose a certified asbestos removal company to have their house for unsafe materials to be thoroughly removed, abiding by rigorous state and also federal government asbestos standards. We offer a full range of disposal services, including asbestos disposal. Asbestos was a main component in hundreds of construction materials prior to that time (around 1980s). That’s why you may find it in homes after 1978. Even in some newer constructions, you may find asbestos cause of imported products that have come into the country.

5 Star Asbestos Removal is a well-established, highly reputable asbestos removal company located in the Los Angeles.  We serve commercial and residential clients all over Southern California.

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