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Asbestos is highly dangerous! Do not wait to call us, delay can lead to health hazards and diseases.

About us

5 Star Asbestos Removal is a licensed asbestos removal company. Our crews adhere to stringent setup, decontamination and disposal procedures in line with all city and state rules and regulations.

All our crew members are educated by authorized trainers and run through real life scenarios as part of the training.

In addition, all technicians are current on necessary certifications and medical physicals.

Asbestos was a Material in the 19th century Structure durability, due to the absorption, resistance to fire and price tag. It was later discovered to be a source of lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Several buildings still contain asbestos in their own roofs, Tile, siding and insulation. The asbestos remediation process can stop your potentially dangerous asbestos problem.

Our asbestos abatement services include:

  • An initial investigation to determine the amount and location of your asbestos problem.
  • A free estimate of the total abatement cost.
  • A developed service plan that best suits your property.
  • The performance of the actual abatement process.

Asbestos Encapsulation

As an alternative to asbestos abatement, we offer asbestos encapsulation services. Encapsulation simply means using a laminate substance to seal the asbestos or cover the asbestos with new materials or paint. While not as thorough, it can still be an effective method of treatment.

In this highly regulated industry, hiring the right contractor is vitally important. That contractor should have insurance, employees’ certifications and builder’s license, and the required supervisor/contractor certificates; we have all this. For years, we’ve been completing demolition jobs and asbestos removal, and there is no job in this area we cannot deal with. The business highly regulates this form of work and employees must be re-certified and trained every calendar year!

Our company has the team, training and experience to do all of this, and hope to have your business.

Why Us?

Asbestos is just one of the most crucial health dangers one can experience in buildings. It may be harmful if the material is troubled, damaged, or unsettled somehow, releasing particles to the air while its applications are numerous. Common belief holds that the material has been banned by the United States from the late 70s; however, it remains found in a variety of uses today, and had been just phased out for specific applications. What the resident wants to look out for, however, are the cases where asbestos poses a threat. How do you know when you have an asbestos problem? We will provide some useful suggestions to be on the lookout for, and should there be a problem, the asbestos contractors at 5 Star Asbestos Removal are here to take care of the issue promptly and efficiently.

We utilize the latest technology controls and dispatch highly trained asbestos removal experts. We have referrals from clients, including documentation from every project, and certification on disposal of hazardous materials. Our company employs the finest technicians in the industry with years of training and experience. Our team has an established group of asbestos employees that are certified and trained at the maximum degree, to ensure your job is done in an expeditious and skilled method. We are ready to help you with your asbestos removal and cleanup!

5 Star Asbestos Removal is a well-established, highly reputable asbestos removal company located in the Los Angeles.  We serve commercial and residential clients all over Southern California.

We’re available on weekends at all hours!

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